Workshop of the medical staff at the University of Jordan Hospital organized by Al wa’ad society for Cancer Advocacy and Survivorship entitled "Improving the quality of life for cancer patients" on 06.13.2012 for doctors, nurses, technicians, radiology, laboratory, social workers and psychologists in the Jordan University Hospital, in order to develop their skills on how to connect and communicate with patients and their families in the hospital, and increase experiences of medical staff in many things related to cancer. The workshop was organized by Mr. Khaled Dweik member governing body of the Society and stressed that it is one of the main pillars to communicate well between medical staff and patients were benefiting from past experience for patients in communication skills by medical staff from diagnosis and during treatment and up to the stage after healing.


Was attended by a group of specialists; such as: Dr. Talal Abu Rgia specialist Alternative Medicine, Dr. Mohammed Bushnaq specialist Palliative Care and talked Heba Murad on nutrition and Ms. Mawyah Zawawi for anti-smoking also discussed Ms. Susan Murad many previous experiments that have been dealt with to support patients with cancer with the aim of improving the quality of life for patients and increased satisfaction with the health care provided to them.

At the end of the workshop distributed general manager Jordan University Hospital Dr. Mgli Mahilan certificates to the participants.