The Al Wa’ad Society for Cancer Advocacy and Survivorship held the first workshop for volunteers. entitled "Improving the quality of life for cancer patients" in the training center of the company's leadership marketing "Leaders Center" located at Medical City Street will be held on Saturday, 25/2/2012 for three days, aims to increase the skills and experience of the participants on the mechanisms of psychological and social support and educational for cancer patients and their families.


The workshop was organized by Mr. Khaled Dweik member administrative body in the Society in order to familiarize the participants with various things related to cancer and ways to communicate with patients and demonstrate the importance of early detection, which contributes to reduce the rate of deaths from injury and helps to facilitate the process of treatment and increase the cure rate, has been selected elite of lecturers from qualified and experienced and competent such as: Dr. Yassar Qutaiba from King Hussein Cancer Center, Dr. Amjad Qorcha from the University of Jordan, specialist Alternative Medicine Professor Dr. Talal Abu Rgia from the University of Jordan, Dietician Ms. Tetana Alkor of the World Health Organization, Dr. Mohammed Bushnaq of Society palliative care and on anti-smoking Ms. Mawya Zawawi Society Lena and green hands.


The workshop was attended by a number of volunteers cancer survivors and their families and supporters from the local community as well as some medical staff from Bashir Hospital and Jordan University Hospital, for their role in providing support and implement Society’s programs and its voluntary - educational and recreational - supporting that contribute to the morale patients with cancer and their families and the introduction of joy to their souls.

At the end of the workshop H. Ex. Mr. Haider Murad the former senator distributed certificates to the participants and thanked the Ministry of Social Development / Fund support associations for their continued support of the Society, and the leadership of the company marketing its contribution to the success of this workshop and supporting Orange.