AL Wa'ad Society Group is a highly trained voluntary group that provides the following services for cancer patients and their families on weekly basis at Jordan University Hospital, Abashed Hospital and Royal Medical Services:


 1. Psychological and emotional support. To improve the quality of life for people living with cancer from the moment of diagnosis until after healing.

 2. Experience sharing "survivors" will share their struggle coping walking the road to recovery. Help patients to cope with the physical and emotional challenges and social issues associated with cancer.

 3. Patients group support "meeting & events", to provide patients the opportunity to come together, share their feelings, fears, emotional issues, family stresses, challenges and coping strategies with each other.

 4. Educate parents and family about the importance of psychological support for their patients.

 5. Provide information about cancer and its treatments in simplified ways.

 6. Increase public awareness and education on the risk factors, symptoms and signs and benefits of early detection and its role in saving lives.