I was 32 years old when I got breast cancer, I had three children and had never suffered any family member with cancer, I did not have any of the causative factors such as smoking or exposure to hormonal therapy or radiation.


I noticed some changes in the breast area, which compelled me to consult more than one doctor because they were unable to diagnose type my injury, stayed complain of the same symptoms and pain that was on the rise, but I followed intuitively and insisted on the existence of the bug what, what God made from disease without making him Medication , until my injury was discovered breast cancer felt it was a test from God and was the first thing that came into my mind is that I want to pray, thank God, and then I started thinking of my children and my husband and my family who feared the impact of this news.


It was not easy, during the period of treatment lost my hair and my nails and you feel tired and exhaustion of the side effects of chemotherapy and during treatment in the King Hussein Cancer Center encountered many patients and was shocked and felt sorry towards them because of bad conditions that were passing out because of contracting some of them did not find accompanied to the hospital, and some of them were suffering from neglect their families for them, or leave husbands for their wives or non-existence of offering them assistance or food during sickness due chemotherapy ... things play a big role in helping to heal.


I learned that there are many other areas to do good that was confined to charity and helping the poor, things money is not the way the solution, but psychological and emotional support. I remembered myself and offered me my husband and my parents of kindness to help me overcome that stage, I felt I can make what I got from the love and attention of many missed since my experience and my suffering through disease and how to fight it gave me the strength to talk about without shame or isolation or feeling conflict of self-started providing support to patients with cancer and who made me the strength and faith.


Were not my injury cancer obstacle for me in life, but motivated me to spread awareness and education about cancer, cancer does not mean death but it is a chronic disease that can be cured if detected early stages and the psychological support helps in transplant hope the hearts of patients and their families, and to reduce the impact of the negative perception surrounding the disease the patient is part of the community and we all have to offer him support and assistance to be able to live normal life. I resisted with all my strength and I won it.