Al Wa’ad Society for Cancer Advocacy and Survivorships a non-for profit organization founded in 2011 and registered at the Ministry of Social Development. It aims to provide psychological support for cancer patients and their families.

Al Wa’ad Society aims to support and guide cancer patients to bring hope to patients with cancer and their families by providing emotional and psychosocial support and increase social awareness about the importance of early detection and risk of cancer and reducing the negative perception surrounding the disease.

Improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families and to increase community awareness on improving daily life patterns.

1. Provide psychosocial support, moral and social development for cancer patients and their families.

2. Improve the quality of life for patients with cancer from the moment of diagnosis until after healing.

3. Recruit volunteers and provides them with the necessary guidance and training to support cancer patients and their families.

4. Training of medical staff and increase their skills on how to communicate with patients and their families.

5. Contribute to raise community awareness about cancer and the importance of early detection, which leads to a reduction in the mortality rate and increase the cure rate.

6. Networking and coordination with the concerned authorities to combat this disease.

7. To encourage community participation in all matters and initiatives linked to cancer.